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Our Specialized Services

Performance Measurement Services

We understand the importance of measuring the performance of your organization, programs, and projects. Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing and implementing performance measurement systems that provide valuable insights and drive continuous improvement.

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Program Evaluation Services

We believe that evaluating the effectiveness and impact of your programs is critical to their success. Our team of experts has extensive experience in conducting program evaluations, using a variety of methodologies to assess the results and impact of your programs.

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Data Analysis Services

We know that data is the foundation of informed decision making. Our team of experts has extensive experience in analyzing data, using a variety of statistical and data visualization techniques to uncover insights and drive results.

Human Resources Development

  • Develop strategic human resources (HR) plans
  • Develop training plans (individual and organizational training and professional development plans)
  • Human resources planning
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Program Evaluation Services

  • Establish the employee’s work, learning and development objectives for the upcoming year
  • Develop the performance agreement
  • Review the employee’s progress in achieving work-related goals and competencies
  • Review the Learning and Development Plan with the employee, making adjustments as required if numerous issues are identified that impact the employee’s performance
  • Conduct the formal year-end evaluation by developing a talent management plan